ICCRT2018 closure and impressions

The Event ICCRT 2018, it was a great experience for everyone, creating the right environment for best ideas and applications of cryogenics which could become alive, new opportunities in future relationship beyond of science limitations. In the field of cryosurgery we had the pleasure to listen, among others, to some really outstanding and world renowned physicians. They included: Dr. Pedro Torrecillas, a distinguished member of the European Academy of Sciences and Letters; Dr. Giuseppe Simone, the forthcoming head of the Department of Urology at the "Regina Elena" Cancer Research Institute in Italy; Dr. Eric Barret a leader in focal therapy of prostate cancer from Institute Montsouris, Paris-Descart University and the Currie Institute; Dr. Sami Slaba, the Head of Diagnostics and Interventional Imaging Department at Saint-Joseph University in Lebanon and last but not least, Dr. Franco Lugnani, President Emeritus of the International Society of Cryosurgery and a world leader in imaging monitored minimally invasive surgery.

In the field of cryogenics, we enjoyed by the participation of Mrs. Laurie Huget and Mr. Werner Huget, the Executive Director and the Director, respectively, of the Cryogenic Society of America (CSA) (the umbrella society for Cryogenic activities in the US, with branches around the world), Dr. J. G. Weisend II, the Chairman of the Board of CSA, who is now leading a multibillion neuron accelerator project in Sweden, Dr. Peter Shiron from NASA, the President of CSA and the Editor of the journal Cryogenics and Brian Dudley, the Editor of Cold Fact, the journal of CSA.

Also, a significant presence for Conference, was Mr. Didier Coulomb, the Director General of the International Institute of Refrigeration, which underlined the main world-wide future interest in developing new refrigeration technologies to overcome the problems of food waste - a particularly rampant in economically disadvantaged parts of the world.

On behalf of Organizers, we’re grateful for presence and interest showed during the Event of all Participants, Papers Speakers, Keynote Speakers, support collaboration of Criomec SA , I.C.S.I. Rm. Valcea, Universities Politehnica Bucharest, U.T.C. Bucharest, Dunarea de Jos Galati.

Hoping that ICCRT2018 turned into a positive and interesting experience also for you, we’re confident that we still have a lot to learn and together we could make things keep moving.

Therefore, we cherish any moment spent together and we’re inviting you to enjoy it, with shared photos ICCRT 2018 Photo Gallery.

See you on forthcoming event!


8th of May

Opening Ceremony

President of ICCRT Organizing Committee AFCR - Prof. Liviu Drughean/ Honorary President - Prof Florea Chiriac
Prof. Boris Rubinsky PhD - Professor of ​the Graduate School, University of California Berkeley.
Mrs. Laurie Huget - Executive Director Cryogenic Society of America
Mr. Didier Coulomb - Director of International Institute of Refrigeration Paris, France
Mr. Minea Vasile - 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration Montreal, Canada, August 24 - 30, 2019

Conference Technical Session

Mr. Dmytro Tyshko - Systems of cryogenic maintance of phase separators at temperature level 64..78 k.
Mr. Artem Chyhrin - Separation of neon into isotopes components by the distillation method.
Coffee break

Conference Technical Session

Prof. Alexandru Dobrovicescu PhD
Mrs. Stefanie Tesch - Exergy evaluation of an air separation unit with pumped liquid oxygen.
Mrs. Sarah Hamdy - Cryogenics-based energy storage: an economic evaluation.
Mr. PankaJ Sagar - A single inductor rrr measurement technique using pcb based multilayer planar inductor.
Mr. Dulgesh Nadig - Dimensional stability analysis of cryotreated integral transducer diaphragms for propellant pressure measurements.
Prof. Ioan Silviu Dobosi PhD - presentation

Conference Technical Session

Mr. Jiri Frolec, Dr. Ales Srnka - Durable surfaces with high emissivity for cryogenic applications.
Mr. Marek Novotny - Cold compressors.
Mr. Sebastian Brad - Development of an mhe’s heat exchangers for cryogenic distillation of hydrogen isotopes.
Dr. Ovidiu Marin - Helium Production and Recovery – Processes Which Make Sense.
Coffee break

Conference Technical Session

Prof. Catalin Fetecau PhD - Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on Mechanical Properties of 3D printed Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Copolymer.
Doctorand eng. Bucsa Sorin
Eng. Ionut Ciubotaru - Head of On-Site Supply Linde Cluster Central
Dr.Peter Shirron - Space Cryogenics: Recent Developments and Trends.
LINDE - presentation.
9th of May

Conference Cryosurgery Session

Prof. Boris Rubinsky PhD - Fundamentals of Cryobiology for Cryosurgery.
Dr. Simone Giuseppe - Synchronizing the procedures: a single step surgery from diagnosis to cure under an outpatient
Prof. Eric Barret - Challenges in sculpting ice to target cancer lesions.
Dr. Franco Lugnani - Theoretical bases, safety and initial results from a multicentric international experience on single and iterative cryoablation associated to Treg depletion using low dose cyclophosphamide metronomic oral administration together with immuno stimulation using CTL4 and PD1 local administration in 20 advanced cancer patients.
Dr. Pedro Torrecillas - Cryosurgery: the struggle to offer innovative solutions to difficult medical situation. A 15 years-long journey between reality and guidelines.
Coffee break

Conference Cryosurgery Session

Dr. J. G. Weisend II - From a Farmer’s Field to Superfluid Helium: The Development of Cryogenics at ESS.
Eng. Konrad Wojtowicz Director R&D, Metrum CryoFlex Poland - The role of CO2 gas and NO liquid freezing technology applications in the medical field.
Prof. Boris Rubinsky PhD - Cryoelectrolysis, the synergetic use of cryosurgery and electrolysis.
Prof. Sami Slaba – Challenging cases in cryosurgery, the Hospital Hotel-Dieu experience.

Conference 3D cryoprinting Session:

Prof. Boris Rubinsky PhD - 3D printing of water based materials in a cryogenic environment.
Assistant Prof. Gabriel Nastase PhD - 3D Cryoprinting concept

Conference Session - Closing Ceremony

Conference Topics

Cryogenics, Heat & Mass Transfer in Low Temperatures

Cryophysics Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics
Heat transfer and thermo-physical properties
Cryogenics in Particle Physics
Quantum hydrodinamics
Measurement and analysis techniques
Cryogenics technologies, techniques and equipment Liquefaction plants, laboratories and testing facilities
Air separation
Liquefaction and separation of gases
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Production and applications
Cryocoolers, Pulse tube, Stirling, magnetic, etc.
Expanders, Pumps, compressors, regenerators, etc.
Cryogenic applications for power, energy and fuel transportation
Cryoelectronics techniques and systems;
Thermal insulation systems
Space cryogenic applications
Applications in unconventional energies
Cryostats technology
Cryobiology and cryomedicine Technology and freezing methods and technologies
Preservation of vaccines, serums and elements of microbiology
Preservation of genetic material, organs, tissues, etc.
Therapy, cryosurgery and instrumentation
Cryogenic methods for investigation and analysis

Transfer processes

Cryogenics storage and transport techniques Cryogenic storage systems
Cryogenic Energy Storage
Cryogenic applications for fuels storage and transportation
Storage and transport of liquefied gases
Cryogenic for food and environmental science  Freezing and preservation applications
Cryogenic methods for food investigation and analysis
Refrigeration equipment Heat & mass transfer in refrigerating equipment
Magnetic Cooling
Mitigation of Direct Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in Refrigeration
Refrigerant-Charge Reduction in Refrigerating Systems
Refrigerant-System Safety and LCCP Evaluation.


We are honoured to present the Conference Scientific Committee, with the distinguished participation of:
Prof. Boris Rubinsky PhD Professor of ​the Graduate School, University of California Berkeley, Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences
Dr. Peter Shirron CSA President / Senior Researcher, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dr. John Weisend II CSA Board Chairman, Senior Scientist in the Cryogenics Group of the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden
Mrs. Laurie Huget CSA Executive Director
Dr. Franco Lugnani President Emeritus, International Society for Cryosurgery. Head: Clinica Santa Elena, Malaga, Spain and Hippocrates D.O.O, Divaca, Slovenia
Prof. Florea Chiriac, PhD Honorary President AFCR, Member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences and President of Mechanical Engineering Department
Prof. Alexandru Dobrovicescu, PhD Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, “Politehnica” University Bucharest

Cryogenics and Refrigeration Technologies